Appears on MISSA (1997)
Length 3:31
⇵ Japanese ⇅

プラグヲネジ込ミ 美的・発情・香
アタリハ一面 黒ク染マッテイタ

水滴ニ映ッタ 嘆キノキャンバス
瞳ニ焼キ付ク 黒イノスタルジア


白ク光ッタ 素肌ニ接吻
不様ニ転ガル アナタノ肉片ガ

⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Puragu o neji komi Biteki・Hatsujō・Ka
Atari wa ichimen Kuroku somatte ita

Suiteki ni utsutta Nageki no kyanbasu
Hitomi ni yakitsuku Kuroi nosutarujia

Karada o mushibame
Kiseichū no you ni
Kokoro wa mienai
Manekin no you ni

Shiroku hikatta Suhada ni kuchizuke
Buzama ni korogaru Anata no nikukata ga…

⇵ Fan-Translation ⇅
There exists no official translation for the lyrics to this song. The translation below was made by fans.

Screw on the plug beautiful*lustful*scent
everything around me is dyed black

The grieving canvas reflected in a drop of water
the black nostalgia burned onto my eyes.

spoil my body
like a parasitic worm
I can't see the heart
like a mannequin

kiss the naked flesh glowing white
tripping in an ugly way, your hunk of meat…

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