Release 07.06.2000
31.10.2001 (Re-Release)
Length 14:43
Cat.-No. AMCM-4479
FWR-032 (Re-Release)

  1. 【KR】cube
  2. JEALOUS -reverse-
  3. 【KR】cube −K.K. Vomit Mix−

Trivia Edit

  • According to Wikipedia, the initial title of this single was くるりくるりくるり Kururi Kururi Kururi (a soundword for "turning around"), a suggestion made by Kyo. However, the other members were against it and decided to name it 【KR】cube. The KR is supposed to reflect the Kururi and the cube refers to the third power (³), making it Kururi³.
  • While the initial release has a black disc, the disc of the re-release is white.
  • The title track was also released on a promotional VHS of 太陽の碧 (2000).
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