Rōmaji Pinku Kirā
Translation Pink Killer
Appears on 鬼葬 (2002)
Length 3:48
Composer Dir En Grey
⇵ Japanese ⇅

Bust 第壱の君致命的決別ノイローゼ
Bust 第弐の君はクランケ漬けでもマスターベーション
Bust 第参の君触覚切れて断血
Bust 第四の君体温は死んでゆく変脳切開
Bust 第五の君に酸素を与えず死んでる
Bust 第六の君切断面犯してくマスターベーション
Bust 第七の君排卵機能欠落気味
Bust 第八の君排水溝に第三臓器
Bust 第九の君致命的決別胴体
Bust 第拾の君失禁塗れでもマスターベーション
Bust 第一の僕硫酸混じりのカテゴライズ
Bust 第壱人者は洗脳されてる棺桶在住



Dead And Dead, Killing Child
ドロけるから 弾けるから⸻行きましょう

⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Bust Daiichi no kimi chimeiteki ketsubetsu noirohze
Bust Daini no kimi wa kuranke tsuke de mo masutaabeshon
Bust Daisan no kimi shokkaku kirete danchi
Bust Daiyon no kimi taion wa shinde yuku hennō sekkai

Bust Daigo no kimi ni sanso o ataezu shinderu
Bust Dairoku no kimi setsudanmen okashiteku masutaabeshon
Bust Dainana no kimi hairan kinō ketsuraku kimi
Bust Daihachi no kimi haisuikō ni daisan zōki

Bust Daikyū no kimi chimeiteki ketsubetsu dōtai
Bust Daijū no kimi shikkin nure de mo masutaabeshon
Bust Daiichi no boku ryūsan majiri no kategoraizu
Bust Daiichininsha wa sennō sareteru kanoke zaijū

Giri giri no boku fukan jintai
Giri giri no boku fuzen jintai
Giri giri no boku fushoku jintai
Giri giri no boku furan jintai

Jintai kara oyobosu aijō
Jintai kara oyobosu kanjō
Jintai kara horobosu kanzō
Jintai kara horobosu taiji

Dead And Dead, Killing Child
Dorokeru kara hajikeru kara……ikimashō

⇵ Official Translation ⇅

Bust Number 1 you crazy psycho
Bust Number 2 still masturbating even though you are a patient
Bust Number 3 your antenna cut off
Bust Number 4 your body temperature is dying your brain cut off

Bust Number 5 no oxygen for you, so you will soon die
Bust Number 6 masturbating while I cut your face off
Bust Number 7 no function to bear a child
Bust Number 8 no function to urinate

Bust Number 9 cut off your body
Bust Number 10 still masturbating while you pee in your pants
Bust Number 1 categorize myself with some acid
Bust First person is brainwashed living in a coffin

Obligation Obligation My body feels nothing
Obligation Obligation My body is not perfect
Obligation Obligation My body rots
Obligation Obligation My body has decomposed

Love comes out from the body
Feeling comes out from the body
Liver destroys from the body
Child destroys from the body

Dead and dead, killing child
It becomes slime, we bust out… let's go

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