Rōmaji Yokan
Translation Premonition
Appears on GAUZE (1999)
Length 4:39
Composer Die
⇵ Japanese ⇅

上辺丈で今も 君を弄んでる 君は何も気付かず

無口な君に 無口な愛で 無口な不快感を
無口な僕に 無口な愛で 無口な傷跡

十八人目の君 僕に気付いていない やさしさに裏付けた

静かな君に 静かな愛で 静かな快感殺し
静かな僕に 静かな愛で 静かな・・・・

変えれない 帰れずに 無口な愛
静かに 静かに 絡めあう二人

心無口に 心静かで 心に刃向けて
心無口に 心静かで 心弄んでみても

いつからか あなたに気付いていた でも


⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Uwebe dake de ima mo Kimi o moteasonderu Kimi wa nani mo kizukazu
Mainasu ni kooru ai

Mukuchi na kimi ni Mukuchi na ai de Mukuchi na fukaikan o
Mukuchi na boku ni Mukuchi na ai de Mukuchi na kizuato

Jūhachininme no kimi Boku ni kizuite inai Yasashisa ni urazuketa
Koori tsuita kono ai o

Shizuka na kimi ni Shizuka na ai de Shizuka na kaikan koroshi
Shizuka na boku ni Shizuka na ai de Shizuka na....

Kaerenai Kaerezu ni Mukuchi na ai
Shizuka ni Shizuka ni Karameau futari

Kokoro mukuchi ni Kokoro shizuka de Kokoro ni yaiba mukete
Kokoro mukuchi ni Kokoro shizuka de Kokoro moteasonde mite mo

Itsu kara ka Anata ni kizuite ita Demo
Anata no soba ni ireru dake de ii no

Boku wa saigo ni kimi o dakishimeta
Kore ga saigo ni naru to mo shirazu ni

⇵ Official Translation ⇅

Everything is false between us, I am still using you, you don't notice anything.
Our negative love is frozen.

To silent you, with silent love, give silent discomfort.
To silent me, with silent love, leave a silent scar.

You are the 18th girl for me, you don't realize the way I am.
You don't notice my cold love behind my kindness.

To quiet you, with quiet love, quietly holding back
To quiet me, with quiet love, quietly…

We can't change, we can't return, that's the silent love.
Quietly, quietly, the two of us are entangled.

To a silent heart, with a quiet heart, pointing a blade at my heart.
To a silent heart, with a quiet heart, even if my heart wanders.

You said "I found about you sometime ago, but
I'm happy just being with you".

I just held you at the end.
You'll never know this is the last time.

Trivia Edit

  • An acoustic version of this song was used on やかん・ダイ・学 Yakan・Dai・Gaku, a show which Die participated in. You can listen to this version here.
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