Rōmaji Setsuna
Translation Moment
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刹那 is one of Dir En Grey's earliest songs. It was never released in any form and only played live in 1997–98. Along with 藍紫色, 刹那 is one of the most famous demos by Dir En Grey.

According to internet sources, the song made its debut on 31 May 1997 on the first day of 結成記念ワンマン at 難波ROCKETS.[1] It is unknown when the song was played for the last time, but it was already gone by their early 2000-tours.

刹那 is a fast and straightforward song that was slightly changed in its arrangement whenever Dir En Grey played it live. Due to its age, there are no lyrics available for this song.

You can listen to a live recording of the song here.

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