Rōmaji Taiyō no Ao
Translation Blue of the Sun
Release 26.07.2000
31.10.2001 (Re-Release)
Length 14:43
Cat.-No. AMCM-4490
FWR-033 (Re-Release)

  1. 太陽の碧
  2. children
  3. 太陽の碧 -Mix®-


  1. 太陽の碧
  2. 【KR】cube
  3. 脈 (8½ convert)
  4. 太陽の碧

Trivia Edit

  • The initial release came with a glittering cover.
  • A promotional VHS with this name was also released at an unknown date. It contains the title tracks of all three singles released in 2000, as well as a remix version of 脈. Why the title track is included twice is unknown, but it might be a PV.

Versions Edit

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