Rōmaji Kūkoku no Kyōon
Translation Tramplings In the Lonely Valley
Appears on ARCHE (2014)
Length 5:48
Composer Dir En Grey
⇵ Japanese ⇅

君を降らす 意味を見上げる瞳

響き重なる もう何度もこの胸を砕く
慣れた痛み振り解く もう君も感じられない

醜さと笑い合い 忘れれば良いの?

気付かされた 心の眠る音
115時間 誰を忘れ 生きた?


醜さと笑い合い 忘れれば良いの?

愛が止む頃 狭い空でも

⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Shiroi iki ni mazaru kako to tomo ni
Kimi o furasu imi o miageru hitomi

Hibikikasanaru mō nando mo kono mune o kudaku
Nareta itami furihodoku mō kimi mo kanjirarenai

Abiru hodo no omoide ni
Minikusa to waraiai wasurereba ii no?

Kidukasareta kokoro no nemuru oto
Hyaku jū go jikan dare o wasure ikita?

Yowai kara to kuchiguse o mune ni shimai
Ikiru tame ni kawaru kimi he
"Ore ga ore o korosu riyū"

Abiru hodo no omoide ni minikusa to waraiai
Wasurereba ii no?

Ai ga yamu koro semai sora demo
Itsuka kagayakaseru

⇵ Official Translation ⇅

The past mixes with the white breathe and you descend
Your eyes look up for a meaning

The overlapping sound has broken my heart many times
I let go of the pain I am familiar with
I can't even feel you anymore

To all the memories that you can bask in
Should I just forget the ugliness and the laughter we had for each other?

I was made aware the sound of the sleeping heart
115 hours
Who did you have to forget to live?

Keeping your favorite sayings within you because you're weak
To you, the one who wants to change to live
"the reason you killed yourself"

To all the memories that you can bask in
Should I just forget the ugliness and the laughter we had for each other?

Even if the sky is not vast, by the time the love stops
I will make it shine someday

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