Rōmaji Rasetsukoku
Translation Rakshasa Country
Appears on DUM SPIRO SPERO (2011)
Length 4:41
Composer DIR EN GREY

These are the lyrics for the 2011 version of this song. For the lyrics to the 2000 version, click here.

⇵ Japanese ⇅

千里眼見通せぬ 邪鬼

己遠変えた 修羅の道
百鬼夜行は 蛇乃目
己乃姿 通しては
暗中模索 蛇乃如し


磊塊乃民 命果て
己乃命 悍しく


⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Shakō ohanatsu henbō wa
Oboro zukiyou ni utsushi
Midare . karakuri . furachiyue
Senriganmitoosenu jaki

Onore okaeta shura no michi
Hyakki yakō wa ja no me
Onore no sugata tooshite wa
Anchū mosaku ja no gotoshi

Dantōdai ni kakerareshi
Kesera kera kera warau
Kubinamazukami tami wa iu
Rasetsu koku kitaru

Raikai no tami inochihate
Yotei chō wakuzurenu
Onore no inochi ozomashiku
Kono yo wa shura no kuni

Rei . sei . kairi . jaki

Onore wasure shura to nari subete mu to naru

⇵ Fan-Translation ⇅
There exists no official translation for the lyrics to this song. The translation below was made by fans.

the transformation triggered by the musk
reflecting on the night of the hazy moon
displaced * tricky * wicked
the cleric's eye can't see, this demon.

the road of carnage which changed my self
lawlessness running rampant is a bull's-eye
searching the dark through this form, like a snake.

I've been put on the executioner's stage.
they jeer and laugh wickedly.
holding upon high my severed head, the peasants say,
"the kingdom of demons is upon us"

manners * nature * estrangement * demons

many peasants died.
the hope for peace was destroyed.
this life is revolting
this is a world of carnage.

manners * nature * estrangement * demons

I throw away myself, and become the carnage, all becomes nothing.


Trivia Edit

  • Although the lyrics to this song were not included in the booklet of DUM SPIRO SPERO (2011), on Dir En Grey's special website for the album, a picture of the lyrics was posted.
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