Rōmaji Ranshishoku
Translation Indigo-Violet
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藍紫色, also mistakenly known as 愛紫色 Ai Murasaki Iro, is one of Dir En Grey's earliest songs. It was never released in any form and only played live in 1997–98. Along with 刹那, 藍紫色 is one of the most famous indies songs by Dir En Grey.

The first confirmed performance of the song was on August 7, 1997, on the first day of アルバム「MISSA」発売記念2Days at 大阪COWBOY WORLD. The official website confirms that the song was played on during TOUR Deep [sink], Deep [gaze], Deep [agonize], Deep [-] Final More Deep [sympathy]~meet evil with evil~ on November 2, 1998.[1] This was also the last performance of the song, there are 10 confirmed peformances in total.

You can listen to the aforementioned live recording of the song here.

Trivia Edit

  • A live report from Dir En Grey's indies days 1997–98 lists this song as 新曲5 Shinkyoku 5, which means "New Song 5". Another lists it as ランシ色 Ranshishoku. During a performance on May 5, 1998, Kyo can be heard calling the song "Ranshishoku", further confirming the name.
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