Rōmaji Tsumi to Batsu
Translation Crime and Punishment
Appears on GAUZE (1999)
Length 5:08

These are the lyrics of the 1999 version of this song. For the lyrics of the 2011 version, click here.

⇵ Japanese ⇅

秒刻み 打ち込んで 耳元を 舐めたなら 落とせ

ほらもっと求めて早く ソレを銜えたなら早く
ほら毒を零さず舐めて 毒を零したなら・・・・


ほらもっと叫んで早く 瞳開いてミロ早く


種を植え 取り出した 涙ぐむ 赤い口 を貸せ

ほらもっと叫んで早く 瞳開いてミロ早く
ほら見れば見る程溢れ 甘い甘い蜜を流せ

kissless keptの頭部に
mad yet koolを今日も飲み干したならまた君を[お菓子]始め

可愛い口 可愛い胸
可愛い声 可愛い顔
可愛いアレ 可愛いソレ
いびつなアレ 舐め尽くしなさい

⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Byōkizami Uchikonde Mimimoto o Nametanara Otose

Hora motto motomete hayaku Sore o kawaeta nara hayaku
Hora doku o kobosazu namete Doku o koboshita nara....


Hora motto sakende hayaku Hitomi aite miro hayaku

Jūnigatsu nijūyonnichi mata hitori wana ni ochita ne
Q+II no kimi o name tsushita nara
Bara bara ni shite miyou ka

Tane o ue Toridashita Namida gumu Akai kuchi O kase

Hora motto sakende hayaku Hitomi aite miro hayaku
Hora mireba miru hodo afure Amai amai mitsu o nagase

Kore kara mo zutto "okashi" tsuzukeyou
kissless kept no tōbu ni
mad yet kool o kyō no nomi hoshita nara mata kimi o "okashi" hajime

Kawaii kuchi Kawaii mune
Kawaii koe Kawaii kao
Kawaii are Kawaii sore
Numenume gitogito dorodoro no
Ibitsuna are Nametsukushi nasai
Soshite kimi no sore ni ire nasai

⇵ Official Translation ⇅

Every second I drive it in. If I lick your ears just drop it.

Here, hurry up and ask for more. Put it in your mouth, faster.
Lick the poison without missing a drop. If you miss one drop…


Here, hurry up and scream harder. Just hurry up and open up your eyes.

On December 24, another person is trapped.
If I lick her all over—a 14-year-old girl,
I'll just try to break your body.

I planted the seed and took it out. She's in tears with a red mouth. Fuck her.

Here, hurry up and scream harder. Just hurry up and open up your eyes.
See, if I look at it more and more, the honey keeps coming.
Make your sweet honey gush.

I'll keep fucking you forever.
Here's to your drug-addicted head.
If I take the drug today, I'll start to fuck you.

You've got a pretty mouth, you've got pretty breasts.
You've got a pretty voice, you've got a pretty face.
You've got a pretty part here, you've got a pretty part there.
Slick, sticky, sloppy.
That ugly shaped part, lick it up.
Then put it in down there.

Trivia Edit

  • Although the name of this song would normally be read as Mitsu to Tsuba (which means "Honey and Saliva"), the kanji are always mirrored on tracklists, suggesting the reading Tsumi to Batsu. When written as 罪と罰, this means "Crime and Punishment".
    • The same mirroring was applied to the word お菓子 okashi (which means "sweets"), although in this case, the reverse shikao does not exist in Japanese. It could be that Kyo thought of the homonymous 犯し okashi, which can mean "to violate" or even "to rape".
  • A live report from Dir En Grey's indies days 1997–98 lists this song as NS1, which is short for "New Song 1".
  • The sentence at the beginning of the track is 加害者の僕から、被害者の君へ Kagai-sha no boku kara, higai-sha no kimi e, which means "From me, the assailant, to you, the victim".
  • "Q+Ⅱ", "kissless kept" and "mad yet kool" are placeholders for words that are censored in the track:
    • "Q+Ⅱ" is クイーン kuiin (which means "queen"). As a card, the Queen is said to be the 12th card. Adding 2 makes it 14, the age of the person in this song.
    • "Kissless kept" is 薬漬け kusurizuke (which means "drug dependence")
    • "Mad yet kool" is 麻薬 mayaku (which means "narcotics").
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