Translation Bug
Appears on 鬼葬 (2002)
Length 6:24
⇵ Japanese ⇅

打ち明けられない誰も 信じられない誰も彼も
ほら全て見えない 差し込んだ光が消えて今にも枯れる
打ち明けられない事は 私の弱さ私の過去
得るモノもあるけれど きっと手に握る優しさが消えてゆくと



⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Uchiakerarenai dare mo Shinjirarenai dare mo kare mo
Hora subete mienai Sashikonda hikari ga kiete ima ni mo kareru
Uchiakerarenai koto wa Watashi no yowasa watashi no kako
Eru mono mo aru keredo Kitto te ni nigiru yasashisa ga kiete yuku to

Kokoro ga tozashite ima ni mo kowarete yuku
Namida o koroshite warau hibi yo
Kokoro ga shimeshita shinjiru imi no nasa o
Watashi o koroshita gizen hito yo

Kokoro ga tozashite ima ni mo kuzureochiru
Namida o koroshite sakebu hibi yo
Kokoro ga nokoshita shinjiru imi no tsuyosa
Watashi o koroshita watashi kokoro

⇵ Official Translation ⇅

Can not come out, Can not trust anyone even him
See, he remembers nothing, the ray of light disappears and will dry up
Can not come out, my weak past
something to gain but at the same time kindness slips away from my hand
The answer that is always given is when you die you can reset and start again

My heart is closed up and I feel it break
I try not to cry and smile everyday
That believing is nothing
You hypocrites killed me.

My heart is closed up and I feel it crumbling down
I try not to cry and scream everyday
That believing is powerful
My own heart killed me.

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