Rōmaji Shin'ai naru DEATHMASK
Translation Dear DEATHMASK
Appears on
Lyrics 黒夢
Composer 黒夢

親愛なるDEATHMASK is one of the few songs that are mistakenly attributed to Dir en grey, despite being from another band.

In this case, the song was created by 黒夢 Kuroyume, a Japanese rock band that existed even earlier than Dir en grey. 黒夢 was, along with X Japan, one of the bands that had great influence on Kyo and at one concert during Dir en grey's early days, they covered this song along with the band Vasalla. More specifically, this happened on 15 September 1997 on the last date of the Dir en grey presents MAZOHYST OF DECADENCE SHOW tour at Meguro Rockmaykan.[1] At the same concert, they also covered INSANITY by Vasalla and X by X Japan, again with Vasalla.[2] You can listen to the original song here.

After disbanding La:Sadie's on January 15, 1997, and before the formation of Dir en grey on February 2 that year, the band played a show at 長野Live House J on January 24.[3] At this show, they performed under the name DEATHMASK and played cover songs of Kuroyume.[4]

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