Rōmaji Kiri to Mayu
Translation Mist and Cocoon
Appears on MISSA (1997)
Length 5:06

These are the lyrics of the amended version of this song. For the lyrics of the original version, click here.These are the lyrics of the 1997 version of this song. For the lyrics of the 2012 version, click here.

⇵ Japanese ⇅


⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Otoroe kuchite yuku kono karada sae nakereba ii
Anata to itsu made mo aishi aeta no ni
Kono mama watashi o itsumo aishite hoshii tame ni
Anata no yorokobu kao ga mitakute itsu made mo
Tsukue no naka ni itsu made mo shimatteta kapuseru o…
Kore o nomihoseba futari zutto kuchizuke o
Are kara dore kurai tatta no darō ne
Anata wa kono yo ni mō inakute hi ga shizunda
Mawari no hito wa tsugitsugi to wakare o tsugeta kedo
Shizuka ni nemuru anata ni sotto kuchizuke o
Kono mama modorenai toki o anata nashi de iki tsuzuketa
Kioku ga watashi o kurushime soko kara maku ga akimashita
Futari de sodateta hanatachi mo ano koro wa
Anata no soba de kirei ni sakimidarete ita ne
Hitotoki no yorokobi sae kurushiku nagai yoru no naka
Eien ni mezamenai tsumetai naifu de watashi o…

⇵ Fan-Translation ⇅
There is no official translation for the lyrics to this song. The translation below was made by fans.

I don't need this body which will only grow weaker and rot
even though we could have loved each other forever
so that you'll love me this way always
I want to see your happy smiling face forever
when I swallow the capsule… that I always kept locked in my desk
we can kiss forever. How long has it been since then?
without you in my world, the sun has set.
I've said goodbye to those around me one after another but,
I gave you a kiss as you slept quietly.
I've lived out the time without you, that can't be turned back
the memory tortures me, since then something new began.
the flowers we grew together back then
now bloom in profusion beautifully by your side
even a moment of joy pains me through this long night.
with a cold knife to close my eyes eternally...


Trivia Edit

  • Not included in the booklet's lyrics is the spoken part, which is simply the last two lines of the song and the words 落ちてゆけ ochite yuke, which means "fall down".
  • One day before Dir En Grey began to record their debut EP MISSA (1997), Kyo was told to change the lyrics of 惨劇の夜, likely because of the brutal imagery. The band even considered to leave out the entire song, now called 霧と繭, for that reason, but decided that since it was the first song the people were to hear, it was too important. A similar case is .
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