Release 10.12.2014
Length 68:01
Cat.-No. SFCD-0136~138 (Blu-Ray Ver.)
SFCD-0139~141 (DVD Ver.)
SFCD-0142~143 (Ltd. Ver.)

Disc I (CD)

  1. Un deux
  2. 咀嚼
  3. Phenomenon
  4. Cause of fickleness
  5. 濤声
  6. 輪郭
  7. Chain repulsion
  8. Midwife
  9. 禍夜想
  10. 懐春
  11. Behind a vacant image
  12. Sustain the untruth
  13. 空谷の跫音
  14. The inferno
  15. Revelation of mankind

Disc II (CD)
(Disc II of the Limited Version includes only tracks 3, 5 and 6.)

  1. and Zero
  2. てふてふ
  3. Sustain the untruth [REMIX]
  4. Unraveling [REMIX]
  5. 咀嚼 (Acoustic Ver.)
  6. 鱗 (Crossover Ver.)
  7. Behind a vacant image (Acoustic Ver.)

Disc III (Blu-Ray/DVD)

  1. Un deux (Shot In One Take)
  2. Chain repulsion (Shot In One Take)
  3. Live footage from Tour14 Psychonnect -Mode of ”Gauze”? at Shinkiba Studio Coast (30 August 2014)
  4. Behind the Scenes of Arche

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