These are guidelines for editing the DIR EN GREY wiki. It would be nice if those who edit here could follow these. They're no strict laws and exceptions may apply, but in general, the articles should follow these points.

Please note that these guidelines are WIP and subject to change.

General Edit

  • Please use British English.
  • Please use … instead of three dots. When ・・・ is written, please use it instead.
  • Please use normal letters instead of full-width letters everywhere.
  • Please be aware that most of the time, a so-called ideographic space ( ) is used, as opposed to the normal space ( ) we use. Please use it accordingly.

Capitalisation etc. Edit

  • Although the band name was officially stylised as "Dir en grey" in the past and is now stylised as "DIR EN GREY", it should be written as "Dir En Grey" for consistency's sake.
  • The various names of songs, albums and other releases should be written as they are already written in their respective infobox.
  • When an article title would begin with a small letter (ex. the article for audience KILLER LOOP), please write it with a capitalised letter. Outside of article titles, the song should be written as per infobox.
  • When an article title would use square brackets (ex. the article for RED...[em]), please use normal brackets instead. Outside of article titles, the song should be written as per infobox. If you want to link to the article, please link it like this: [[Article Title|Actual Title]] (ex. [[RED...(em)|RED...[em]]]).

Lyrics etc. Edit

  • Each song with unique lyrics gets its own article (ex. 流転の塔 and 流転の塔 (Acoustic Ver.)), this does not include lyrics in different capitalisation.
  • Songs with the same lyrics, but with different capitalisation, can be put in the same article under different headers (ex. Machiavellism).
  • The song lyrics should taken straight from the booklet and be presented as close to the booklet's presentation as possible (number of lines and verses etc.).
  • The romanised lyrics should be mirroring their Japanese original as exact as possible.
  • Please do not romanise Katakana words as all-caps.
  • Please use macrons. Normally, ou becomes ō and uu becomes ū, but this is not always the case.

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