Welcome to the Dir En Grey wiki.

This is just a small project by me, Seelentau, to satisfy my desire for a correct source of DIR EN GREY lyrics and other information about the band.

I'm trying to present everything as accurately and consistent as possible, and while the groundwork has already been laid, there are still a lot of minor fixes to be made. So if you have some time to spare, feel free to help me out. A to-do list can be found here, or simply ask me here. There are also some guidelines for editing that you can read here.

I also post on the DIR EN GREY subreddit and upload rare videos about the band on my YouTube channel. You can also check out the Discogs entry for DIR EN GREY here.

Also, if you want to trade tereko/bootlegs of 97~00 Dir en grey, please message me on Twitter @seelentau.

Upcoming Releases
2nd January 2018
Dir En Grey
GAUZE (1999) PoemsMACABRE (2000) Poems鬼葬 (2002)VULGAR (2003)Withering to death. (2005)THE MARROW OF A BONE (2007) Liner NotesUROBOROS (2008) PoemsDUM SPIRO SPERO (2011) PoemsARCHE (2014)
MISSA (1997)six Ugly (2002)THE UNRAVELING (2013)
Singles and Others
JEALOUS (1998)「楓」~if trans~ (1998)-I'll- (1998)【KR】cube (2000)太陽の碧 (2000)ain't afraid to die (2001)embryo (2001)かすみ (2003)朔-saku- (2004)GLASS SKIN (2008)激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 (2009)LOTUS (2011)DIFFERENT SENSE (2011)蜜と唾 (2011)UROBOROS [Remastered & Expanded] (2012)輪郭 (2012)SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH (2014)詩踏み (2016)
Other Songs
INWARD SCREAMList of Demos, Rares and Others

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