Appears on UROBOROS (2008)
Length 4:05
Composer Dir En Grey

These are the lyrics of the English version of this song. For the lyrics of the Japanese version, click here.

⇵ Lyrics ⇅

Mezmerized by those eyes, Those bug eating eyes
My breathing just stops I calm my heart and it just sheds a tear
The bright and refreshing sunlight
Mixes itself round and round along with the sound of rain

My torn out heart let it dance now I question the emptiness
The white voices, The leaking of my breath In The Sun

The obscene exposure of the wound
Becomes nothing like the dogma's own wind
You're now melting Your heart is melting

In The dark morning, I hear you whisper sayonara

My torn out heart let it dance now I question the emptiness
Right now I wanna be all alone now

It's the season of spring, weeping eyes cry tears
Your neck-less body crawls can't save you now

Love Me

Abandon Hope

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