Release 28.07.1999
31.10.2001 (Re-Release)
Length 64:47
Cat.-No. 00000~00100 (LP Ver.)
FWR-030 (Re-Release)

eins _ GAUZE -mode of adam-
zwei _ Schweinの椅子
drei _ ゆらめき
vier _ raison detre
fünf _ 304号室、白死の桜
sechs _ Cage
sieben _ TsumiToBatsu
acht _ mazohyst of decadence
neun _ 予感
zehn _ MASK
elf _ 残-ZAN-
zwölf _ アクロの丘
dreizehn _ GAUZE -mode of eve-

Trivia Edit

  • The title of this album is depicted as "GAUZE+" on the front cover, but it's not considered to be the actual title.
  • The booklet contains additional poems that can be read here.
  • Instead of Arabic digits, the band uses German words to number the tracks of this album.
  • The LP version was given out in a lottery to 100 people who sent in the entrance tickets included in the first press versions of the Cage and 予感 singles, attached to a postcard included in the first press version of GAUZE. 300 other people received a coin, 1000 other people received a set of three pictures from the jacket cover.
    • As of 28th November 2017, I have discovered the numbers 30, 32, 61, 84 and 92, as well as two versions with unseen numbers.

Versions Edit

Dir En Grey
GAUZE (1999) PoemsMACABRE (2000) Poems鬼葬 (2002)VULGAR (2003)Withering to death. (2005)THE MARROW OF A BONE (2007) Liner NotesUROBOROS (2008) PoemsDUM SPIRO SPERO (2011) PoemsARCHE (2014)
MISSA (1997)six Ugly (2002)THE UNRAVELING (2013)
Singles and Others
JEALOUS (1998)「楓」~if trans~ (1998)-I'll- (1998)【KR】cube (2000)太陽の碧 (2000)ain't afraid to die (2001)embryo (2001)かすみ (2003)朔-saku- (2004)GLASS SKIN (2008)激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 (2009)LOTUS (2011)DIFFERENT SENSE (2011)蜜と唾 (2011)UROBOROS [Remastered & Expanded] (2012)輪郭 (2012)SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH (2014)詩踏み (2016)
Other Songs
INWARD SCREAMList of Demos, Rares and Others

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