JEALOUS -reverse-
Appears on 【KR】cube (2000)
Length 4:56
Composer Dir En Grey

These are the lyrics for the -reverse- version of this song. For the lyrics to the normal version, click here.

⇵ Japanese ⇅

彼に迷いだしたアノ日から 何故か心が拒絶していた
彼の姿が変形してゆく 遠くあまりにも近すぎて
仮面を被ろうか?彼の前では 引き攣る顔を隠せるから
体に迷う私の心は いつの日にか離れてゆく
毒の花のように咲いてみせるわ そして返り咲く花となる
心は傷ついて癒せずに 色あせてゆく 愛は崩れゆく中で 花と咲き乱れて
もう昔のように笑えなくなった 彼を愛した私ではない
一度だけ二月のアノ夜に 乱れる人を抱いていた 愛する「貴女」忘れられず
心は傷ついて癒せずに 色あせてゆく 愛は崩れゆく中で 花と咲き乱れて

⇵ Rōmaji ⇅

Kare ni mayoidashita ano hi kara
Nazeka kokoro ga kyozetsu shiteita

Kare no sugata ga henkei shite yuku
Tooku amari ni mo chikasugite

Kamen o kaburō ka? kare no mae de wa
Hikitsuru kao o kakuseru kara

Karada ni mayou watashi no kokoro wa
Itsu no hi ni ka hanarete yuku

Doku no hana no you ni saite miseru wa
Soshite kaerizaku hana to naru

※Kokoro wa kizutsuite iyasezu ni
Iroasete yuku
Ai wa kuzure yuku naka de
hana to sakimidarete…※

Mō mukashi no you ni waraenaku natta
Kare o ai shita watashi de wa nai

Ichido dake nigatsu no ano yoru ni
Midareru hito o daiteita
Ai suru「anata」wasurerarezu

⇵ Fan-Translation ⇅
There exists no official translation for the lyrics to this song. The translation below was made by fans.

I was in doubt of him, from that day on.
Without knowing why, my heart has rejected him.
His form is changing.
Too far away, but all too close.

Should I wear a mask? In front of him, hiding the tensed face with it.
My heart, gone astray inside the body; some day it will let go.

So that the poisonous flower shows its blossoming.
And then becomes the flower that blooms a second time.

The heart is wounded, uncurable
It will fade away.
Love is collapsing within.
In full blossom with the flowers.

I can't laugh like in past times.
I'm not the same person who loved him.
Just once, at that night in February,
I held the person fallen into confusion, in my arms.

I can't forget the [you] I loved.

The heart is wounded, uncurable
It will fade away.
Love is collapsing within.
In full blossom with the flowers.

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