This is a list of all demos, samplers and other rare releases, as well as other lesser-known music by Dir En Grey or its individual members. Most of these releases are not widely available, because of their age and rarity. They're sometimes sold on Yahoo! Japan or other Japanese websites for high prices. For some of these releases, rips are available online, but most are unobtainable.

Promotional Releases and Test Pressings Edit

These are normal promotional releases and test pressings consisting some or all songs of the respective album. Although they're usually "not for sale", they can be sometimes found in online stores. However, since most songs were taken directly from the respective album, these releases normally don't include anything worth mentioning.

  • Special Sample (RADIO EDIT)
    • Shortened versions of the three debut singles.
  • MISSA Promo Tape
  • -I'll- Promo Tape
  • Cage Promo Tape (Front, Back, Side A, Side B)
    • A promotional cassette containing the Cage (1999) single.
    • The website of a Japanese music store lists an item titled "ケージ スペシャルサンプラー プロモオンリー別ジャケCDS,MACD-37,1曲入,'99", which means "Cage Special Sampler Promo Only Extra Jacket CDS, MACD-37, Single-Track, '99". There's no further information available regarding this CD.
  • 予感 Promo Tape
    • A promotional cassette containing the 予感 (1999) single (mentioned on this website).
  • 脈 Promo LP (Cover, Side A, Side B)
    • A promotional LP containing the 脈 (2000) single.
  • 太陽の碧 Promo VHS
  • 改-KAI- LP (Cover)
    • A promotional LP containing the 改-KAI- (2001) album.
    • A signed version was released during Dir En Grey's radio appearance on "All Night Nippon R" on 16th November 2001. (Picture: Cover)
  • Child prey Test Pressing CD (CD)
    • A test pressing CD containing the Child prey (2002) single.
  • GARBAGE & 鼓動 Promo CD (Front, Back, CD)
    • A promotional CD containing GARBAGE and 鼓動, distributed in Europe in 2005.
  • German Promo CD (CD)
    • A multimedia CD-ROM containing the band's bio- and discography as well as promotional videos, distributed at Rock am Ring (3 June 2005) and Rock im Park (4 June 2005) festivals in Germany.
  • THE FATAL BELIEVER Promo CD (Front, Back, CD)
  • Kerrang! Promo CD (Front, Back)
    • A promotional CD containing various famous Dir en grey songs and two videos, distributed during the Kerrang! Magazine Relentless Energy Drink Tour in the UK in 2009.

Demos and Special Promo Releases Edit

These are the band's demos and promotional releases that are not tied to an album. As with the normal promos, these releases are very hard to find online since they were only distributed in limited quantity and sometimes only on a specific concert date. However, unlike the normal promos, there are often special versions of songs and other interesting things on these releases.

Indies Songs Edit

These are songs that never were recorded and are only known because of live recordings of concerts during Dir en grey's indies days. Back then, new songs were at first tentatively called 新曲 Shinkyoku, which means "New Song", along with a number. Over time they changed, were given proper names and eventually either recorded for an album or dropped entirely.

  • 新曲1 → 残-ZAN-
  • NS1 → 蜜と唾
  • 新曲2 → Re:birth
  • 新曲3 → According to Kyo, 新曲3 became マゾヒスト・オブ・デカダンス. A live report for their show on October 28, 1997, also uses this tentative title, but lists it as 新曲8 in the setlist.
  • 新曲4 → レイズンデートル → raison detre
  • 新曲5 → 藍紫色 / ランシ色
  • 新曲6 → According to Kaoru, he felt the need to change the song title because the song became too different, but it's currently unknown what the new title is.
  • 新曲7 → Considering that there was a 新曲8, it's likely that 新曲7 also existed at some point.
  • 新曲8 → マゾヒスト・オブ・デカダンス → MAZOHYST OF DECADENCE → Mazohyst of decadence
  • 刹那UnknownDespaira Lost

Side Projects, Cover Songs & Guest Appearances Edit

Side Projects Edit


Cover Songs Edit

Although Dir en grey has never been much of a cover band, they did some covers during special events and mostly in their indies days. That's why most of the covers listed below are live versions.

ファンクラブ「a knot」限定 クラブイベント

On 11 and 19 February 2001, Dir en grey held special 「a knot」-only shows to make up for two cancelled shows in December 2000. During these unique shows, each band member was joined by other musicians and they covered different songs. Listing them all would be too much, but you can see the setlists here by searching for ファンクラブ「a knot」限定 クラブイベント with Ctrl+F.

Guest Appearances Edit

Ever since their inception, Dir en grey members participated in other musicians' projects, listed with YouTube links below.

All Members (Background Vocals)

Kyo (Vocals)

Kaoru (Guitar)

Toshiya (Bass)

Shinya (Drums)